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Etruscan Coast Natural Park

Offerte Maggio in Toscana - Le Corti di Montepitti


Rimigliano Nature Reserve stretches along the coast between San Vincenzo and Piombino for about six kilometres and forms part of the Parks of Val di Cornia. The reserve is home to typical Mediterranean scrub containing an exceptional variety of species, shapes and colours and in many places touches the clear blue sea, which laps the long sandy beach. This coastal reserve is ideal for long and reinvigorating romantic walks.


Nestled in the wide Gulf between Follonica and Piombino you find an area of around 296 hectares composed of beaches, dunes and thick vegetation that all form the Sterpaia Coastal Park.

It is one of the greenest places in this area thanks to the dense Mediterranean vegetation emanating scents of rosemary, maritime pines and aromatic herbs. An enchanting spot to while away warm summer days in the shade of centuries-old oaks.

Make the most of your holiday in Tuscany by visiting the Park and enjoy its fine white sandy beach that slopes gently towards some of the clearest water found in these parts.

I Parchi della Val di Cornia - Le Corti di Montepitti

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